International Day of Hope

Maryn Ryan Soref

Maryn R. Soref is a regenerative community consultant and strategist specializing in impact investment, meaningful media and cultivating cross sector, solutions-oriented frameworks for aligned collaboration around the Sustainable Development Goals. Currently based in NY/LA/Miami consulting with global SMEs, large scale regenerative initiatives, family offices and SDG-focused communities to achieve highest purpose for their mission.

Maryn is honored to work with global leaders in impact investing focused on streamlining global resources and systems into supportive frameworks for transforming existential challenges and communities of need into ones of regenerative abundance. Ambassador of Logos Capital, ICV and YOUnify, galvanizing aligned stakeholders and strategic partnerships to cultivate high quality synergistic ecosystems for evolutionary investors, innovation and initiatives to grow together and thrive.

Passionate about elevating earthlings and co creating regenerative frameworks for healing, Maryn is co founder and CEO of L I G H T S P A C E, a female led consultancy group focused on cultivating holistic frameworks for land based projects to optimize economic, social and environmental impact and to implement regenerative planet solutions at scale. Consulting with family offices, private and institutional investors and regenerative land properties in the United States, Europe, Asia and LATAM.

Maryn is honored to align with profound nonprofit initiatives committed to transforming global systems into regenerative frameworks that support healing and thriving for people and planet. Champion of Inner Peace Corps, a profound organization transforming refugee camps into healing camps through mental health programs, meditation, yoga, art therapy and women “in-powerment” techniques; Men’s Story Project, a replicable storytelling and dialogue project that brings critical dialogue on social ideas about masculinity into public forums around the world – via men’s own stories; and The Civana Alliance, a cross-sector community of leaders, organizations and networks focused on transformative systems change, rising to the challenge of meeting the UN’s SDG’s by 2030. She is also an enthusiastic champion and delegate of NEXUS Global, Family Office Association and OPAL Group.

“Elevating Earthlings and Communities to Highest Purpose” and an avid enthusiast of scuba diving, cultural adventures, dancing, yoga, meditation, herbal remedies and all things rose.